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and honor your soul's design.

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We live in a world that tells us life will always be hard and to expect the worst...
As moms, we speak of the things we want for our children, all the ways they can dream and create, but we quit on ourselves. 

We teach our kids to love themselves, yet we have no self worth for ourselves.

How would you like to...
  • Clear confusion & gain clarity on what you really want
  • ​​Get help to clear your soul & discover how to plant the seeds to manifest
  • ​Practical steps to manifest what you want and get what you truly desire
It’s so nice to meet you!!! 
I live my life by the magic of the Universe + synchronicity. There are no such things as coincidences in my world, and I know our meeting is no different.
Everything is by divine timing and perfect order.  
So….. welcome! 
A little about me! I am a Mom, a wife, a MEGApreneur, the Podcast Host of The Meg Rock Show, and an Energy + Self-love obsessed coach + speaker. I am a Soul Fire Activator. 

I help my clients see the spark of their soul that has always flickered and helped them during their life’s trials. My passion is showing women that they are their greatest savior + warrior. 

I want you to see that your soul has always flickered for you and is always waiting for you to ignite your ultimate potential. 

I empower women to fall back in love with themselves so that they can open the portal to all abundance in their life and activate their soul fire. 

After financial struggles in my early 20s and learning that aligning with money was all about shifting my energetic vibration, I became OBSESSED with improving myself with all things energy + manifesting. 

My innate spiritual knowing since childhood + my energy obsession opened me up years later to Energy Healing when our youngest son struggled with stomach issues. Energy healing ended up healing my son of a debilitating stomach issue in elementary school. 
I knew that these experiences prepared me to help people understand spirituality, the soul journey, the magic of energy, and how it shapes ALL areas of life…Health, Wealth, and Opportunity.

Understanding Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles changed it all for me + it will change it all for YOU.
We are all spiritual beings here for a human experience. Not the other way around. When we step back into our souls, knowing and remembering who we are on a soul level, we align with the abundance we are created for. I live with the JOY of helping my clients step into their power and find the flow + ease on their soul journey, whether it be love, wealth, health or opportunity. 

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Here's what others are saying about Meg Schwarzrock...
Meg is all heart and soul. She is a wealth of knowledge on manifesting and is there to cover everything from A-Z. She is a one stop shop and her passion to create success is one in a million. Her energy and drive will take you exactly where you need to be. She creates an environment that will not only inspire, but facilitate an awareness that will pull your own ideas and thoughts up to the surface for major growth and flow. 
Shauna G 
Mom, Stunt Woman + Motivational Speaker- Atlanta, GA
Meg had me figured out pretty quickly! We analyzed my life and quickly uncovered some limiting beliefs. Sometimes you just need someone to help you face things differently. Someone to give you advice and encouragement and get your mindset set right. Her spirit and heart offered me an objective and fresh look at things. 
Monica C
Mom + Entrepreneur, Washington, DC
 Meg has helped me see my worth, so I can in turn attract what I am worthy of in life and love. I was brought tears with the realization that I have been selling MYSELF short for so long. Working with Meg is something I truly look forward to. Each week, I feel like I am talking with a friend who truly cares about me. She encourages and supports me unconditionally and objectively. She genuinely wants me to live my best life and to love and care for myself as I was meant to. 
Tracy W. 
Mom and Teacher- Los Angeles, CA

What you think, you become
What you feel, you attract
What you imagine, you create

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